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„Mindent Erdélyért!”
Title: „Mindent Erdélyért!”
Author: Murádin János Kristóf
Publisher: Scientia Kiadó, Kolozsvár
ISBN: 978-606-9750-24-7 (606-9750-24-1)
Date of publication: 2019-04-20
Number of pages: 312
Series: History of Science
Field of Science: Social Sciences / Cultural History
Weight: 0,62 kg.

Price: 40,00 RON, 3.124,00 HUF
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„Mindent Erdélyért!” [“Everything for Transylvania!”]

The book entitled “Everything for Transylvania!” The History of the Transylvanian Party between 1940 and 1944 offers a detailed presentation of the history of the dominant political organization of the Hungarians in Northern Transylvania, reannexed by Hungary after the Second Vienna Arbitration.

After the introduction and the methodological part, the volume presents the Transylvanian Party in eight chapters. The first chapter offers a comprehensive image of the Hungarian political life in the inter-war Transylvania, while the following chapter analyses the Second Vienna Arbitration and its consequences, with special attention to the invitation of Transylvanian deputies to the Parliament. The third chapter discusses the foundation of the Transylvanian Party, presents its leadership and the development of the local branches, and analyses the composition of the membership, together with the ways of financial sustainment. After that, the next chapter is about the ideology of the Party, also covering a presentation of its programme. The fifth chapter is dedicated to the parliamentary work. Through analysing the discourses, the party’s cultural, economic, foreign and minority politics are presented. The next chapter is a synthesis of the activity of the Party as an organization for the safeguarding of public interest. Its symbols and publications are presented here, as well as the mass events and some minor events organized by the Party and the institutionalized relations with its members. For the presentation of the political background of the Transylvanian Party, it is essential to describe the attempts made by mother land parties after 1940 to penetrate into Northern Transylvania, which is the topic of the seventh chapter.

The last chapter of the book describes the political changes after the German occupation in March 1944 and its effects on the Party. This final part presents the abolition of the Party from the perspective of general political and military events. The volume ends with the chronology of the Party’s history, the list of the political leaders and several short biographies of the leading politicians of the Transylvanian Party, incorporated by annexes. The list of images and tables are included in appendices, followed by bibliography.

During his research work, the author used archival sources, collections of documents, publications of the Transylvanian Party, special books and studies, memoirs and articles from the contemporary press.

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